About Jelleke:

Cheerful Communicator, Consultant, Catalyst

Jelleke's drive comes straight from her heart. She is above all a broadly experienced and compassionate woman, with a strong mission.  

Her strength is in connecting people and organisations, by communicating and collaborating, to together make the transition to agro-ecology. 

Mission & Vision

It is my mission and sincere wish to support, strengthen and accelerate the transition to sustainable, nature-inclusive food and farming systems. That is what I do, together with partners.

Since there are many initiatives already, I use my experience and communication qualities to connect people and organisations, to bridge gaps, to share knowledge and information, to facilitate  change processes. The most important now is that at policy level we need regulations that enhance and engage those who want to make the transition. 

 I envisage that around 2025, we will find changed agricultural landscapes all over the world. Landscapes where monocultures and desertification have been replaced by agricultural systems that are based on specific regional characteristics: soil type, local seeds and varieties, the culture of the people (and what they like to eat and grow), regional markets. Where people know that agri-culture is a culture of dealing with complex natural systems. Where youth find interesting employment in agriculture and related business.