Worldwide we're transitioning to an ecological society. Look around: many are involved in activities for a circular economy, energy transition, sustainable production.

Industrial agriculture is at its end. Production processes and 'food systems' are becoming nature-inclusive and integrated. Agro-ecology is 'The New Normal'.  

As a catalyst in this process, I hope to inspire, inform and support you in the transition to agroecology, closed-loop or nature-inclusive agriculture, worldwide.


The New Normal, and how to get there

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The New Normal agriculture, restoring socio-ecological farming systems

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Speaker, author, facilitation & advice

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The transition has set in...

...and is much needed. We can't continue our current course. Climate change, heavy pollution of our seas, loss of biodiversity, hunger in Africa,  refugee-outflows are just a few of the effects of technology and financial profits as the only steering mechanisms. New integral and circular ways of producing and consuming, developed as undercurrent, now become visible. They need our support in New Normal policies and New Behaviour. 

Now is the time to support the change in our own work and lives. It is not easy though. We will need to collaborate, to rethink old methods, adapt regulations and venture into unknown avenues. Many organisations are already exploring such paths. Supportive regulations must and will follow. I invite you to more information and inspiration on this site. 

Here I give an overview of new practices and policies, new ways of working and living, new initiatives and networks that support the change to agro-ecology and sustainable food systems.

I 'translate' and summarize what individual people, scientists, organisations and entrepreneurs worldwide are doing. I refer to interesting websites and projects, I write informative Green Papers (SHOP) and blogs. Anything orange is for transition; green refers to agroecology and sustainable food systems. As a 'catalyst' I offer my support to realise the change, as  speaker, author, facilitator and advisor of your transition process. 

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